Summer Promotional Ideas for your Cryotherapy Business

11 December 2018   Ange

Cryotherapy is becoming increasingly popular because it is a completely non invasive technique that benefits weight loss, facial rejuvenation, physical healing and injury recovery. Cryotherapy technology combines the natural benefits of extremely cold temperatures with laser, radio frequency and advanced ultrasound technologies. It is a great time to be involved in a cryotherapy business. Cryotherapy […]

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Opening a Cryotherapy Business – Some Things You Should Know

29 October 2018   Ange

Cryotech Nordic are world leaders in whole body cryotherapy technology and Cryobody are the exclusive distributors of Cryotech products in Australia and New Zealand. Cryotech and Cryobody are dedicated to a future of non surgical, safe technologies for aesthetic treatments. It’s a great time to invest in a cryotherapy business. News of the innumerable health […]

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Starting a Successful Weight Loss Clinic in Australia

06 October 2018   Ange

The role of a weight loss clinic is to provide individual and group support with a range of activities and services that encourage a healthier lifestyle leading to the loss of weight. These services may include counselling, individual meal and exercise plans and a regime that monitors behaviour so that the loss of weight occurs […]

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Things to Consider When Buying Non Surgical Face Lift Machines

06 September 2018   Ange

There have been some some significant advances in non-invasive beauty and anti ageing treatments that avoid the unwanted side effects of invasive treatments like botox and injectable fillers. These non surgical face lift treatments offer very discreet results and treat the entire face. In fact, so advanced are some of the products and devices that […]

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A Cryotherapy Machine Is Worth The Investment

25 June 2018   Ange

If you have experienced the healing powers of whole body cryotherapy then you might want to consider the benefits of owning your own cryotherapy machine or even starting your very own cryotherapy business. Cryobody are the Australian and New Zealand distributors of Cryotech equipment – the world leaders in cryotherapy technology. That makes Cryobody the […]

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Cryobody – The Leading Cryotherapy Chamber Suppliers

18 May 2018   Ange

Following its success worldwide, Cryobody is proud to introduce the whole body cryotherapy chamber, Cryocabin, to Australia and New Zealand. The Cryocabin, is the safest and most advanced cryochamber in the world and is made by world leading equipment manufacturer, CTN. The recently released Cryocabin provides a non-invasive, hyper cooling treatment and is equipped with […]

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Cryotherapy Machine Brands That We Trust

07 December 2017   Ange

“We represent equipment that is the best of its breed” – when Cryobody’s Operations Manager Ange Bowe said this, she meant every word! Cryobody is passionate about bringing world-class equipment to our customers where nothing has been compromised on quality, design, safety features or technology. We want to give you and your business the reassurance […]

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Following years of research into the safest and most technologically advanced health and beauty equipment, Cryobody is proud to bring to Australia and New Zealand the ultimate in LED technologies from US leader LightStim and cryotherapy, cool body sculpting, non-surgical liposuction and HIFU facelift from European leader Cryotech Nordic and CTN technologies in Finland.