Celebrities Who Use Cryotherapy And Their Comments

05 January 2020   Ange

The healing powers of whole body cryotherapy have long been recognised by athletes and people who are serious about their training and physical wellbeing. The accelerated recovery from injury and relief from muscle aches and pains are just a few of the benefits people may experience. Cryotherapy chamber benefits can also extend to weight loss, […]

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Discover the Benefits of Localised Cryotherapy

29 December 2019   Ange

Cold therapy has been used to treat inflammation and muscle injuries since ancient times. Ice packs, ice baths and different ways of exposing the body to cold temperatures is not a new phenomenon. What is relatively new is the use of sophisticated technology to deliver cold air technology that achieves results that ice baths and […]

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Use these tips to attract more clients to your Cryo Spa

30 October 2019   Ange

Running a business, any business, has its challenges. All business owners of micro, small and medium sized businesses have many challenges in common, while others are what you might call industry centric – peculiar to the nature of the business. Those simple principles of business ownership are as applicable to owners of a Cryotherapy spa […]

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What to consider When Starting a Cryotherapy Business?

30 September 2019   Ange

If you’ve experienced the benefits of whole body cryotherapy then you may well be in awe of the treatment and the feelings you get after a session. When humans love something they want to experience it all of the time. Travel agents love to travel for instance. So if you love cryotherapy and you believe […]

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Are you Buying a LightStim LED Bed For Your Skin Clinic? Here’s Why It’s a Must

31 August 2019   Ange

If you are considering opening up a skin clinic or if you are a therapist or health professional who is interested in ‘whole body’ solutions, then you should look no further than our LightStim LED light therapy bed technology. LightStim is the only LED light bed to gain approval for the temporary relief of muscle, […]

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Questions to Ask When buying Teeth Whitening Equipment?

31 July 2019   Ange

Best way to brighten those pearly whites? White teeth are an international sign of youth and vitality.  Healthy teeth are a sign of good health and personal care and fall into the category of personal features that unconsciously signal high standards of personal care, success and well being.  Today’s lifestyle includes many enemies of teeth […]

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Sydney’s Anti-ageing Solution

26 June 2019   Ange

The latest developments in maintaining health As the sun rises and sets each day there is a truth in all of us that time waits for no one.  Ageing is a fact of life that is to be enjoyed and one we can all relish in for the development of wisdom, experience and maturity.  That […]

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A cryotherapy machine could be a great addition to your physical therapy business

23 May 2019   Ange

If you are a physiotherapist, chiropractor or a medical practitioner who specialises in the rehabilitation of sports injuries or a specialist in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, then a whole body cryotherapy chamber could be a great addition to your business. Whole body cryotherapy is gaining in popularity. In fact, quite a few high profile […]

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There are some very good reasons for buying a cryotherapy machine

30 April 2019   Ange

By exposing the body to below zero temperatures for short periods of time, whole body cryotherapy machines have revolutionised the way we can utilise extremely cold temperatures to help treat injuries, skin disorders and chronic muscle, joint and arthritic pain. Strictly speaking, cryotherapy could be anything from a localised cold pack on a swollen ankle […]

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Keep Your Customers Safe and Satisfied During Cryotherapy

28 February 2019   Ange

There are so many ingredients that go into building a successful cryotherapy business that it is easy to lose sight of your real purpose and your number one priority – providing a great safe service to your customers. As the owner of a cryotherapy business you are very aware of the many benefits associated with […]

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Following years of research into the safest and most technologically advanced health and beauty equipment, Cryobody is proud to bring to Australia and New Zealand the ultimate in LED technologies from US leader LightStim and cryotherapy, cool body sculpting, non-surgical liposuction and HIFU facelift from European leader Cryotech Nordic and CTN technologies in Finland.