Celebrities Who Use Cryotherapy And Their Comments

05 January 2020   AngeAnge

The healing powers of whole body cryotherapy have long been recognised by athletes and people who are serious about their training and physical wellbeing. The accelerated recovery from injury and relief from muscle aches and pains are just a few of the benefits people may experience. Cryotherapy chamber benefits can also extend to weight loss, skin conditions and skin elasticity because cryotherapy can promote an increase in blood circulation and can also help to flush toxins from the dermal layers of the skin.

Cryotherapy may also help if you suffer from pain associated with chronic inflammation caused by arthritis and other conditions causing joint pain. 

The list of satisfied cryotherapy users has extended to celebrities like Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Usain Bolt, Jennifer Aniston, Tony Robbins and none other than James Bond himself - Daniel Craig, to name just a few. 

Will Smith, as somebody who takes his sports and training very seriously, says he was “knocked out” by how efficiently it treated all of his sporting aches and pains. Boxer Floyd Mayweather, who holds world titles in five different weight classes, uses cryotherapy to speed up his recovery time after a fight and as part of his preparation for  upcoming fights. 

Jennifer Aniston on the other hand, sees the holistic benefits of regular cryotherapy sessions. She credits a healthy lifestyle that includes regular cryotherapy sessions, with maintaining her youthful appearance and helping her to cope with long and exhausting days on the sets of movies. Similarly, Tony Robbins spends up to 50 hours over four days on his feet so he uses cryotherapy sessions to reduce muscle swelling, particularly swelling in his legs and fatigue. 

It’s little wonder that so many A-listers have ordered and installed cryo recovery chambers in their homes. Satisfied cryotherapy users believe that cryotherapy when combined with plenty of exercise and a healthy diet is a great addition to any lifestyle regardless of how active you are or are not. If you are looking for a whole body cryotherapy machine for sale then you should contact Cryobody for an obligation free discussion on the benefits and ease of installation.


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