Cryotherapy Machine Brands That We Trust

07 December 2017   AngeAnge
“We represent equipment that is the best of its breed” - when Cryobody’s Operations Manager Ange Bowe said this, she meant every word! Cryobody is passionate about bringing world-class equipment to our customers where nothing has been compromised on quality, design, safety features or technology. We want to give you and your business the reassurance that the equipment you are using is the absolute best on the market. When it came to Cryotherapy machines, extensive research was undertaken to find the machines we were confident in representing! We researched numerous Cryotherapy machine brands - we gathered information, had multiple sessions in each of their machines and visited a couple of the manufacturers at their head offices so we could get an overall in depth understanding of each machine from both a business owner’s perspective and a client’s perspective. These included: Cryocabin: Cryomed: Juka: Cryo Arctic: Krion and Cryo X: Impact: The one that stood head and shoulders above the rest was the CTN Cryocabin which is superior in nearly every way. Below are the key advantages from our research.
Design and Structure
  • There is no ‘plain’ wood anywhere in the Cryocabin. All structures which are not metal or stainless steel are made from engineered wood and laminated / water resistant special board.
  • The impeller has been built on a special compressed material that allows expansion / shrinkage without allowing any water or leaking which means no rotting, mould or smelly damp materials anywhere in the machine.
  • Complete isolation of the electronics to the mechanics of gas management means no water or gas crosses over onto or near the electronics.
  • Superior design and quality of the gas injector results in reduced noise as the mist bursts into the chamber and the client does not feel the bursts being pushed into the chamber, making the client experience like no other!
  • Patented vortex technology delivers the mist into the chamber in a way that ensures overall cold distribution on the body and helps to eliminate cold burns. This technology also means that the client does not have to continually turn around during their treatment as the vortex is moving the mist around the client’s body automatically.
  • A boost function can be adjusted at any time and turned on either for the whole session, not at all or mid way through a session. This function boosts the mist upwards ensuring the cold hits the higher part of the body. This is useful in targeting areas of the body that might need it, for example, for shoulder injuries.
  • The client can see everything about their treatment during their session on the screen next to their head, including current temperature, session time remaining and an optional heat map of their upper body.
  • Each operator can have their own account to login, making it easy to track how efficiently each user is operating the machine and the reasons for a session being stopped short if there was an issue.
Safety Features
  • Two separate safety systems to stop the machine should the client’s head drop into the chamber during treatment.
  • The client has access to their own emergency stop button during their treatment which when pushed opens the chamber door and stops the machine immediately.
  • Flooding safety systems for the chamber to ensure it cannot be overflooded with gas. Flooding the chamber would mean the machine would not be able to operate.
  • There is a sensor inside the chamber that measures key stats inside the machine to ensure it is operating well. If it is not operating correctly, the Cryocabin will alert you of the issue and shut the machine down to prevent further damage.
Gas Efficiency
  • Most efficient on gas compared with all other cryotherapy machines on the market. The Cryocabin uses technology to recycle gas and keep the chamber cold between sessions to reduce cool down costs.
  • Recycling the gas means you won’t lose as much gas over the top of the Cryocabin and / or get gas stuck down the bottom of the chamber increasing the risk of cold burns.
  • The wind speed within the chamber can be managed. The higher the wind speed, the greater the effect which decreases the need to go as cold as other machines on the market meaning you will use less gas.
  • The unit can be switched between Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Air by simply changing a setting in the backend. Liquid Air allows the client to drop their head into the chamber and safely breathe in the nitrogen gas during the treatment.
When deciding on the right Cryotherapy machine for you and your business, we invite you to research and compare the differences for yourself as well as personally have treatments in the different machines available. For the client, the differences in the treatment experience between one machine and another can be like chalk and cheese. Important things to take note of from a client’s perspective are how easy is it to step in and out of the machine, what safety features does the machine have for clients to stop the session immediately if they don’t feel comfortable, what sounds does the machine make and how loud are they, how does the mist feel on your skin as it is pushed into the chamber, do you feel an overall cold distribution on your body or is it more cold in certain parts, do you have to continually turn around in circles to keep the mist moving around your body and what information about your session can you see during your treatment. If you are interested in finding out more about the CTN Cryocabin, we would love the opportunity to share more information with you on why the Cryocabin is the best machine on the market worldwide and meet you in person for a Cryocabin demonstration at our Sydney showroom. We are proud to be able to bring this technology to Australia and New Zealand as the exclusive distributor of the CTN Cryocabin.

Cryobody offers packages to support the operation of all CTN equipment sold in Australia and New Zealand to ensure you always have the confidence and support you need to successfully deliver each and every treatment. Contact us to find out more.