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The CRYO°CABIN™ offers the cutting edge in Cryotherapy chamber technology currently available worldwide. Cryobody has completed years of extensive research into the cryotherapy equipment available worldwide to ensure we not only represent the safest and most efficient Cryotherapy chamber available, but also the most technologically advanced.

Key advantages of the CRYO°CABIN™ include:
  • Patented vortex cooling, ensuring the mist envelopes the body for more overall distribution of cold
  • Advanced safety features including ultrasonic head sensor, dual emergency shut off, active circulation and active ventilation
  • Most efficient on gas use, using technology to recycle gas during sessions and reduce cool down costs between sessions
  • Inbuilt complete computer system and cloud based monitoring system included
  • Intuitive automatic machine operation for the technician
  • Wifi connection to the internet allows remote user and technical support
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Cryotherapy is a safe, non invasive, fast and effective hyper cooling treatment where the body is covered in a nitrogen mist that has been cooled down to as low as -160 degrees for up to 3 minutes in a Cryotherapy chamber.

The natural response to the sub zero temperatures during treatment is an increase in blood flow to the internal organs where the red blood cells become enriched with oxygen, nutrients and enzymes. Following treatment, the enriched blood flows back through the body and anti-inflammatories are released which can support the body to heal and repair.

Health benefits following Cryotherapy treatment may include:
  • A decrease in inflammation in the body for general health and wellbeing
  • Muscle repair and recovery following exercise
  • Boost in collagen production for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation
  • Improved sleep
  • A decrease in chronic pain and joint stiffness
  • Boosting of the metabolism to aid in weightloss
  • Accelerated injury or post surgery recovery for rapid healing
  • Boost in energy and mood
  • Arthritis pain management
  • Improvement in eczema and psoriasis skin disorders
  • Strengthening the immune system

The CTN CRYO°CABIN™is a high-tech device designed, engineered and manufactured in Finland.

Cryobody are proud to be the exclusive CTN CRYO°CABIN™, X°CRYO™, EQ°Cryo™ and VET°Cryo™ supplier within Australia and New Zealand.

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Following years of research into the safest and most technologically advanced health and beauty equipment, Cryobody is proud to bring to Australia and New Zealand the ultimate in LED technologies from US leader LightStim and cryotherapy, cool body sculpting, non-surgical liposuction and HIFU facelift from European leader Cryotech Nordic and CTN technologies in Finland.