Dog recovery treatment for healthier, happier dogs

VET°Cryo™is the first and only dog cryotherapy of its kind worldwide, providing an all-natural, comfortable and safe choice for the health and wellbeing of all breeds and ages of dogs in as little as 4 – 8 minutes. VET°Cryo™has been built around proven and patented CTN Cryotechnology. It has also been designed in close cooperation with professional dog trainers, breeders and vets to ensure all requirements of treating dogs has been taken into consideration.

Whole body cryotherapy for dogs can have numerous benefits for:
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Fur enhancement
  • Skin disorders
  • Improved agility
  • Inflammation and joint pain relief
  • Faster surgery and injury recovery
  • Increased local blood circulation
  • Muscle recovery
  • Metabolism boost
  • Overall health and wellbeing

The CTN VET°Cryo™is a high-tech device designed, engineered and manufactured in Finland.

Cryobody are proud to be the exclusive CTN CRYO°CABIN™, X°CRYO™, EQ°Cryo™ and VET°Cryo™ supplier within Australia and New Zealand.  

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Following years of research into the safest and most technologically advanced health and beauty equipment, Cryobody is proud to bring to Australia and New Zealand the ultimate in LED technologies from US leader LightStim and cryotherapy, cool body sculpting, non-surgical liposuction and HIFU facelift from European leader Cryotech Nordic and CTN technologies in Finland.