Opening a Cryotherapy Business – Some Things You Should Know

29 October 2018   AngeAnge
Cryotech Nordic are world leaders in whole body cryotherapy technology and Cryobody are the exclusive distributors of Cryotech Nordic products in Australia and New Zealand. Cryotech Nordic and Cryobody are dedicated to a future of non surgical, safe technologies for aesthetic treatments. It’s a great time to invest in a cryotherapy business. News of the innumerable health benefits of whole body cryotherapy can provide are well known to people with injuries, muscle aches and a whole range of skin disorders. And while the therapeutic benefits to athletes and people who train or play sport are well known, important information about the additional benefits that may include cryotherapy for weight loss, anti-ageing and general wellbeing are continuing to gain prominence in the media cryotherapy machine for sale That being said, even though cryotherapy is increasing in popularity and people may have some knowledge of how it works and some of the health benefits, if you are starting a cryotherapy business, education is and always should be, your number one priority. A cryotherapy business will profit from people who may understand that you can use cryotherapy to speed up healing from an injury for example, but didn’t necessarily know that you may also feel an improvement in your mood and feelings of general wellbeing. Cryotherapy franchise costs are reasonable and there are a number of cryotherapy machines for sale that provide a variety of health benefits. As a cryotherapy chamber manufacturer, we are constantly looking to enhance the ways that cryotherapy technology can be delivered to our clients. For instance, Cryocabin has a patented vortex cooling system to ensure the cryotherapy mist covers the body for an overall, more effective cooling and healing. For people involved in sports, Cryocabin more efficiently accelerates muscle repair and recovery and there is a noticeable improvement in the motion and flexibility for people involved in sports, people who train or anybody engaged in some physical activity. Another machine that exemplifies the sophistication of Cryotech Nordic technology is the Monolith Quattro; a Cryolipolysis machine that targets fat cells by freezing them. We stand behind our equipment as the most sophisticated, state of the art technology and  machinery. However when starting your own business it is important to understand your market and to choose the types of equipment that will most appeal to your customers. There are two elements to understanding your customers. One is doing the appropriate research into the equipment and how to reach your target audience, the other is where you open your business. Cryotherapy is amazing technology, but if people can’t easily find or access you, your chances of succeeding are limited. Find somewhere that has complimentary businesses surrounding it. Somewhere with a gym  or a health spa nearby makes great sense. Find somewhere with good foot traffic and ample parking. Remember some, not all, but some of your clients will be recovering from injuries - don’t make them walk miles to find you. The opportunities as a CRYO Franchisee are only limited by your imagination and we are dedicated to keeping the business model simple and the cost of entry reasonable. If you would like to know more about how you can become part of this exciting and innovative business for sale, contact CRYO franchise management.

Cryobody offers packages to support the operation of all CTN equipment sold in Australia and New Zealand to ensure you always have the confidence and support you need to successfully deliver each and every treatment. Contact us to find out more.