Questions to Ask When buying Teeth Whitening Equipment?

31 July 2019   AngeAnge

Best way to brighten those pearly whites?

CTN Pro White equipment in Sydney

White teeth are an international sign of youth and vitality.  Healthy teeth are a sign of good health and personal care and fall into the category of personal features that unconsciously signal high standards of personal care, success and well being.  Today’s lifestyle includes many enemies of teeth enamel which can dim the brightest smile, including processed sugars, coffee, cigarette smoking and the natural ageing of enamel. In the pursuit of our best selves, both inside and outside we often look to brighten our smile in order to look our best every day.  Many people come up empty-handed when trying to decide how to whiten teeth? There are several ways a Hollywood smile can be achieved and results can be varied based on the products and equipment used.  

Treatments available

There are many over the counter teeth whitening treatments now available as retail products.  These claim to deliver several shades of white in their results yet most only change the colour of teeth a marginal amount.  Healthy teeth may appear slightly whiter over time, but if you are looking for a dramatic improvement, toothpastes and retail lights, available in stores, are unlikely to deliver the results you want.

The amount of peroxide or whitening agent in over the counter products varies greatly and while one whitening paste may seem stronger than another, usually both are very low grade and the form of whitening agent is misleading.  Most whitening toothpaste has a mild abrasive action in the hope that any slight discolouration of teeth can be removed with brushing and can cause damage to enamel and gums. To really see a shift in the level of dazzle you deliver, professional treatments are often recommended via a teeth whitening equipment supplier.  It is best to speak with the experts if you seek more than just a good clean, as they will be able to assist in providing advice on what is best for the colour and health of your teeth

Professional Treatments

Dentists and Oral Cosmetic clinics treat your teeth with higher grade, more intense whitening products to give clients a visible and longer-lasting whitening effect. Increasingly people are looking for safer treatments to whiten their teeth and there is a myriad of options available on the market, that involve small volumes of chemicals.  These are less effective and can lead clients to experience frustration at having made an investment that did not deliver the desired results. High density LED blue light Whitening is the latest in the teeth whitening technology and is painless. LED light treatments are used to activate the whitening process and deliver incredible results in each 30-minute treatment. The CTN ProWhite™ teeth whitening lamp is professional equipment enabling Peroxide free whitening treatments and are available from your teeth whitening equipment supplier.  

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