Start a Successful Weight Loss Clinic in Australia

06 October 2018   AngeAnge
The role of a weight loss clinic is to provide individual and group support with a range of activities and services that encourage a healthier lifestyle leading to the loss of weight. These services may include counselling, individual meal and exercise plans and a regime that monitors behaviour so that the loss of weight occurs at a healthy and consistent rate using proven practices so as not to compromise an individual’s health. If you are wanting to start a weight loss clinic then you are entering into a very specialised business that has laws and regulations to protect consumers against poor or unproven practices. Strictly speaking, weight loss clinics are part of the health sector and they should support the medical fraternity to reduce the incidents of weight related illnesses like type two diabetes, heart disease and strokes. Crytotech product for Weight loss You need to understand the industry and be completely conversant with your legal requirements and ethical standards before you even consider starting a practice. You need to do your due diligence on what is a very competitive and subjective industry that is susceptible to variations in the economy and scrutiny from the media and authorities. Depending on the products, supplements and services you offer, you should be completely confident in the veracity of their stated benefits and the results they have provided to consumers. Budget conscious consumers are likely to cease using weight loss clinics if they can’t see the benefits. They are more likely to research and use their own regimes rather than spend money on something that is not providing results. So like any business, there are some stark commercial realities that apply to weight loss clinics. To survive you will need to be ethically sound, legally responsible and commercially smart. You will need to find a point of difference from you weight loss business and your competition.

Cryotherapy and cryo chambers - Stand out from the competition

Cryobody are the Australian and New Zealand distributors of Cryotech Nordic equipment. Cryotherapy is a non invasive technique that  can help aid weight loss, facial rejuvenation, physical healing and injury recovery. When it comes to weight loss, after the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures, cryotherapy can raise the body’s metabolic rate as it works to heat the body back up again.  Overseas studies have shown that the process of warming the body can ‘burn’ up to 800 calories with consistent, regular  cryotherapy treatment. That’s the equivalent of running for around 45 minutes or swimming for an hour. CRYOSLIM™ can provide a safe and non-surgical way to permanently reduce your fat cells, targeting those stubborn areas of fat on your body that never seem to disappear no matter how hard you try. Our unique 3 phase fat reduction protocol has been designed to enhance your overall results and give you value for money not seen anywhere else. Cryobody are the exclusive distributors cryotherapy equipment suppliers of Cryotech products and cryotherapy machines  in Australia and New Zealand. Cryotech and Cryobody are dedicated to a future of non surgical, safe technologies for weight loss treatments. Crytotech products can be found worldwide. If you are looking to start a weight loss clinic, contact Cryobody for an obligation free introduction to our range of weight loss products.

Cryobody offers packages to support the operation of all CTN equipment sold in Australia and New Zealand to ensure you always have the confidence and support you need to successfully deliver each and every treatment. Contact us to find out more.