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26 June 2019   AngeAnge

The latest developments in maintaining health

Anti-aeging therapy through cryo machines

As the sun rises and sets each day there is a truth in all of us that time waits for no one.  Ageing is a fact of life that is to be enjoyed and one we can all relish in for the development of wisdom, experience and maturity.  That said, in today’s world where health and vitality play a major role in our participation in all that life has to offer, we all want to look and feel our best, inside and out.  With the developments in modern medicine and new and exciting technology becoming available, we now have greater access to the science behind ageing gracefully.

Time and the Skin you live in

 As one of the major organs that take the brunt of daily life, our skin is where we present our health to the world.  Face rejuvenation technology has come so far in recent years and there are now many ways to ensure your skin is in tip-top shape.  Many of the technologies now available not only treat your external appearance but through the depth of the treatments, can also be used to treat pain and inflammation, improve injury recovery time and reduce the need for invasive surgery ensuring a better you, sooner. One of the options available today is Cryotechnology and you will find a number of CryoCabin suppliers around the Sydney metropolitan region.

Cryotechnology and UltraSound techniques: Potent, Practical and Painless

In a similar way to an icepack, Cryotechnology applies cold to your pain points in a way that is fast and effective, creating the benefits of cold therapy over broad areas of your body. Cryotechnology has developed to where it can be applied in short intervals to large areas of the body, thereby making it an amazing way to treat arthritis, inflammatory conditions, sports injuries and chronic pain.  

Non-Surgical Face Lift Technologies: 

There are now options for rejuvenating facial areas through Cold therapy and High-Frequency Ultra-Sound, which many clients are now choosing, preferring a non-surgical solution with a skin tightening machine.  Both CryoCabin technology and Hifu machines are for sale only to certified practitioners and clinics. The last sentence needs to be amended as anyone can buy a cryocabin and practitioners don’t have to be certified to buy a HIFU machine. 


Smaller versions of Cryo equipment have been created to provide targeted cold therapy to areas of the face and joints.  The extreme cold reports to reduce inflammation around the face and shrink capillaries associated with additional bloating and the formation of facial wrinkles. 


The Hifu equipment supplied by the Cryobody to other clinicians creates high-frequency Ultrasound to small areas of the body, where the sonic waves target the same dermal layer a plastic surgeon would work with to create a surgical effect.  Through these targeted ultrasound treatments, an effect similar to what a surgeon could achieve can be felt in the layers of the skin, without invasive surgery. 

Full Body Weightloss Therapy - The CryoCabin

The Cryocabin is a full-body immersion experience.  When you stand inside the Cryo-Cabin you are exposed to quick blasts of cold temperatures. This affects the metabolism of fat cells and also increases your body’s own heating controls, which once fired up will provide greater metabolism of body fat.  For these two reasons, some people are opting to have a Cryocabin available at their home or office for the convenience and results offered. Like the Hifu machine, local CryoCabin supplier, Cryobody is able to consult on your clinic's needs in providing you with the right equipment to provide these revolutionary new treatments. 


Cryobody offers packages to support the operation of all CTN equipment sold in Australia and New Zealand to ensure you always have the confidence and support you need to successfully deliver each and every treatment. Contact us to find out more.