CTN Pro White teeth whitening system

CTN Pro White

The CTN Pro White teeth whitening system is based on two main processes. Teeth bleaching takes place when oxygen is released from the ingredients in the gel when exposed to the blue LED light. Simultaneously, the included micro crystals vibrate at a high frequency resulting in a teeth polishing effect, leaving teeth with a shiny appearance. This effect also closes the pores on the surface layer of the teeth and helps to maintain treatment results for longer. All surfaces of the teeth can be treated without the use of uncomfortable mouth openers. The design allows the client to close their mouth for the duration of the whole treatment, making it a comfortable and relaxed experience. Instant results can be achieved after the 30 minute treatment with no down time and no food and drink restrictions straight after the treatment.

Key features:
  • The high density LED blue light is adjustable from 485 MHz to 515 MHz
  • The CTN whitening gel is 100% peroxide free
  • Integrated micro crystals (soda and carbium based) vibrate when exposed to the LED blue light resulting in an additional micro polish treatment whilst whitening
  • The disposable whitening trays are single packed and prefilled with exactly the correct amount and strength of gel
  • Gums are not irritated and no gum protecting gels are needed. The CTN whitening system is 100% safe and gentle for the surface of the teeth
  • Following treatment, teeth can look up to 10 shades whiter, as well as smoother and more polished

The CTN Pro White is a high-tech device designed, engineered and manufactured in Finland.

Cryobody are proud to be the exclusive CTN Pro White suppliers of teeth whitening devices within Australia and New Zealand.

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