The 8 LIGHTSTIM Key Differences – Know That Not All LED BEDS Are The Same!

03 January 2019   AngeAnge

LightStim LED bed in Rosebery and Edgecliff

Whole body and face LED treatments are taking the global anti-ageing, health and beauty industries by storm. If you want to stay at the forefront of advancing technology in this field, we can help you do it!

We are proud to be able to bring LightStim LED bed technology to Australia / New Zealand and we want to share why with you below.

The LightStim LED bed is a game changer with unparalleled engineering, manufacturing and quality control. Extensive research into the safest, most technologically advanced LED technologies available led us to partner with LightStim, the largest and leading manufacturer of LED Medical Devices. LightStim have been in business for almost 20 years and have sold to over 23,000 doctors, spas and wellness centres across the US, Europe, China and Australia.

You may have noticed that the LightStim LED bed has a very unique flatbed look compared to other brands of LED beds –ALL of which look like retrofitted tanning beds.

When considering investing in the purchase of an LED bed for your home or business, it is important to consider thefollowing 8 key points of difference, as not all LED beds are the same:

1. The LightStim LED bed is the FIRST and ONLY LED bed available worldwide to receive Food & Drug Administration (FDA) clearance. LightStim spent 5 years developing their LED bed and an additional 3 years working with the FDA to gain clearance. No other brand of LED bed compares in design, technology and quality of client treatment benefits.
2. LED light loses its power or strength exponentially as it leaves the tip of the LED bulb. The further your body is from the tip of the bulb, the ability of the light to penetrate down to muscle, joints and organs is significantly decreased. For this reason, the LightStim LED bed is one sided. This does mean you need to turn over during your treatment, but it ensures your body is always ¼ inch from the tip of the LED bulb.
3. The LightStim LED bed has 18,240 LED’s treating each side of your body in comparison to less than 3,000 LED’s in brands that look like retrofitted tanning beds.
4. The LightStim LED bed has MultiWave™ patented technology emitting 4 wavelengths of light: 630nm Red, 660nm Red, 850nm Infrared and importantly 940nm Infrared. Most retrofitted tanning beds only have a maximum of 1–2 wavelengths. None of them have wavelengths greater than 850nm. The higher the number of nanometres (nm), the deeper the penetration into the body.
5. The angle of the LED light is critical in the depth of penetration to reach muscles, joints and organs. The acrylic you lay on in retrofitted tanning beds reduces the amount of energy passing through it and distorts the angle of the light coming out of the LED bulb. The LightStim LED bed uses a specialised custom-made acrylic lens that allows 99% of energy to pass through to the body.
6. The 30 separate patented LED modules in the LightStim bed are individually temperature controlled by a sensor that monitors temperature on a millisecond-by-millisecond basis. Not only does theLightStim LED bed keep the tissue temperature across your whole body the same, but it also delivers the same energy to all parts of the body. This is particularly important as the torso has more mass than the arms and legs, allowing it to trap the heat better. Without separate temperature controlled LED modules, the arms and legs would receive a significantly reduced increase in blood circulation and have very little energy delivered to them during the treatment.
7. Separate patented LED modules also means the LightStim LED bed can still be used if a LED is in need of repair. No treatment downtime waiting for repairs to be done and no regular scheduled maintenance required. A new LED module would be shipped to you direct from our Sydney warehouse for easy replacement in just 20 mins with a screwdriver! This patented design means you would never ever need to build a crate and ship your whole LED back to the manufacturer for repair of 1 LED.
8. The LightStim LED bed has been designed, engineered and manufactured by a company that has been in business for nearly 20 years. LightStim are based in the US and are the largest and leading manufacturer of LED Medical Devices worldwide. LightStim have spent 5 years developing their LED bed and an additional 3 years working with the FDA to become the first and only LED Bed with FDA approval worldwide. A lengthy process to ensure the technology, design, quality and treatment benefits are exactly as they say they are. There is a reason why LightStim are the leaders in LED technology – their LED bed is far superior to anything else out there.

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