Use these tips to attract more clients to your Cryo Spa

30 October 2019   AngeAnge

Running a business, any business, has its challenges. All business owners of micro, small and medium sized businesses have many challenges in common, while others are what you might call industry centric - peculiar to the nature of the business.

Those simple principles of business ownership are as applicable to owners of a Cryotherapy spa business as they are to everybody else. But the great thing about owning a Cryotherapy spa business is that people invariably can leave feeling better than when they arrived. 

If you own a Cryotherapy spa business or if you are thinking about investing in a Cryotherapy spa business, it’s a huge advantage to be involved with a product that really works. When it comes to drumming up new business and finding ways to attract clients it’s a ready made marketing strategy.

While it’s important to keep and maintain your current business, you also know you have to keep growing. The best place to start is with your own enthusiasm and belief in the product. Those two attributes can be your greatest advocates. 

So on the subject of cryo spa marketing strategies and promotions that could propel you towards having  a successful cryotherapy business, it’s best to start by ensuring that your current customers feel appreciated. Referral programs are a proven winner. In the US, referral programs account for about 65% of new business according to a survey published in the New York Times. Offer a deal that gives your established customer a discount for introducing somebody new. 

Once they’ve come along on the strength of your referral program and offer, make the first visit special. Pay your new clients some additional attention. Your established clients won’t mind. They’ll appreciate their referral being treated well. Perhaps you can provide an additional service like a massage for instance at a reduced price as a first time treat or come up with a schedule of visits at a price that is below the standard rates. You could add some additional sweeteners if they are prepared to pay for a subscription, or similar, in advance. You know how important cash flow is, so getting paid before you’ve provided the service is a smart way to operate. 

Make sure your online marketing is current and your website is getting plenty of traffic. As cryotherapy chamber suppliers, we know how much of this work is done online by potential customers who are feeling high levels of discomfort due to an injury, recuperation from an operation or rheumatoid arthritis. Many book online on the strength of a social media advertisement or post by a satisfied customer. Photos, blogs, customer reviews and stories are great at turning those potential customers into advocates for your business. Work out which social media platforms work best for you. The demographic that you are trying to target may be spread across a number of platforms or they might seem to particularly patronise one. There could be some trial and error involved but that’s better than not trying at all. 

Some platforms, and your website in particular, are your opportunity to really promote your business and shine.  

Investing in a Cryo spa and whole body cryotherapy business could be a great decision for you and your family. Call into our Rosebery studios, if you haven’t already, and see how well Cryotherapy can work to accelerate muscle repair and recovery and many people experience noticeable improvements in their motion and flexibility. Other benefits might include arthritis pain management, improvement in eczema and psoriasis disorders, a boost in the metabolism to aid weight loss as well as a boost in collagen production for anti aging and skin rejuvenation.


Cryobody offers packages to support the operation of all CTN equipment sold in Australia and New Zealand to ensure you always have the confidence and support you need to successfully deliver each and every treatment. Contact us to find out more.