What to consider When Starting a Cryotherapy Business?

30 September 2019   AngeAnge

If you’ve experienced the benefits of whole body cryotherapy then you may well be in awe of the treatment and the feelings you get after a session. When humans love something they want to experience it all of the time. Travel agents love to travel for instance. So if you love cryotherapy and you believe in the treatment, how about opening a successful cryotherapy business or better still, become a CRYO franchisee.

It’s not such a crazy idea you know. The average cost of cryotherapy lends itself to good margins and a good living. And think about the fun you would have owning and operating a business that promotes something that you genuinely believe in. 

Of course it takes work. There isn’t a business model that will prosper without hard work, that’s a given. But getting in at a level when exponential growth is imminent and aligning with a brand that is prospering due to that growth is a great start. The potential is rising. Cryo grew in notoriety because research suggested that exposing the body to freezing temperatures would assist in the treatment of chronic arthritic pain. Since then research has shown that cryotherapy can treat all types of ailments, injuries, skin conditions and can assist with weight loss and improved feelings of wellbeing. 


An investment in a Cryo franchise is backed by legions of supporters who have benefited. But there are costs associated with equipment that you need to factor in and a cryo machine is a significant investment. We would be happy to talk to you about which cryotherapy machine you should invest in and which will be best for your business and your business model. Like any business, equipment is among your biggest outlays and getting it right is the difference between success and failure. The great news is that if you buy cryotherapy equipment in Australia from Cryobody, you are investing with the safest and most technologically advanced cryotherapy equipment suppliers in the world. 

Cryobody are cryotherapy chamber suppliers. The Cryocabin provides a non-invasive, hyper cooling treatment and is equipped with a patented vortex cooling system that distributes a fine nitrogen mist evenly across the body.


Another major consideration in your investment is location. Where precisely should you locate your business? You can increase your costs buy choosing a location with lots of exposure but that will also increase your revenue, potentially. Or will it? 

It could be that you are much better reducing the cost of rent and putting more into your marketing budget. Your business may not benefit from being in an area with lots of traffic. In factit could be a really poor decision because most people seek out Cryo after being educated about the benefits. 

Do you invest in a start-up or a franchise?

Call us and have a chat. A franchise is a great idea because you are the beneficiary of another business owners experience. They made the mistakes for you and found a way to be successful that you will learn from them.

Naturally, intellectual property isn’t cost free and there are costs associated with a franchise over and above your normal running costs. But franchises have a better success rate than start-ups and you can often pay a very high price for learning on the job. Business success comes down to finding a formula that works and a franchise can often unlock that formula for you.

You are welcome to contact us if you want to know more about the costs of starting a cryotherapy business.


Cryobody offers packages to support the operation of all CTN equipment sold in Australia and New Zealand to ensure you always have the confidence and support you need to successfully deliver each and every treatment. Contact us to find out more.